Trident Wive's Photoshoot

When I was asked to photograph my squadron's officer wives' on the flight line in front of a P-8 I was ecstatic! The ideas that we came up with and the execution of the shoot along with the perfect, if a bit windy, weather was everything I could hope for! All of us in our little black dresses and high heels I knew would be a classic and timeless picture for many years to come. And look at those mommas to be in their high heels! They are rocking it!

The photoshoot was scheduled right before sunset, and I knew that was a risk considering the afternoon showers we always get here in Florida. But the rain stayed away, and the flight line was bathed in the most beautiful light. 

As a military wife, these are the women who support and encourage one another to get through deployments. To get through the tough times and the good times. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong when the men and women are on deployment. This deployment alone I have had a flat tire, a broken air conditioner, and a wasp infestation. These women get it. And we are all strong ladies who raise our families, cheer each other up when we're down, and generally hold the fort until our loved ones return. Being a military wife is difficult to say the least. But we do it for our husbands. We do it for our families. And we do it for our country. 

As we enter the season of fall and Thanksgiving we have much to be thankful for. In a little over a month we will be welcoming our husbands back home into our lives. I can't begin to describe the emotions that are involved when thinking about our homecoming! It's been a long deployment, and I can't wait to hold my husband!

Even I got to jump in to have my portrait taken! Loved every minute of this photo shoot and I loved enjoying the sunset nature provided us at the end. A perfect end for the perfect photography session. Contact me today if you are looking for a photographer to catch your special memories.