Jacksonville Military Homecoming

I can't believe I never blogged about this amazing military homecoming but I am finally catching up on some of my blog posts and this one is just in time for Memorial Day. Military homecomings hold a special place in my heart and photographing them always makes me smile. My husband is a Navy pilot and this homecoming was actually for a fellow Navy wife in our squadron while the boys were coming home from their deployment last fall. And although Ryan won't be deploying while we're stationed in Okinawa, I can't wait to photograph military homecomings on the island.

Jenae and Matthew are newlyweds and this was their first deployment so it was definitely a special time for them. I remember my first military homecoming and we do have a few pictures from that day that I love looking back on. It was held at NAS Jacksonville which is such an intimate setting since it is usually only a few planes landing each day. Everyone is surrounded by other military families and loved ones and its an adrenaline rush waiting for your husband or wife to get off the plane next and start heading towards you. 

Janae was stunning in her patriotic blue dress which was the right choice for a sweltering summer day. When the boys left in April the hangars were freezing. That's Florida for you, bipolar in its weather. And her makeup was flawless. I particularly loved the red lipstick she chose! 

As a photographer, homecomings can be tricky because your settings have to be on point and the action can happen rather quickly. But I love it. I love when two people come together on a homecoming and you can feel the air permeated with love and happiness when two people reunite after a 6 month deployment. Which was exactly what happened for Janae and Matthew. He handed her a red rose and a letter that Janae read while Matthew was getting his sea bag.

I'm headed to Okinawa shortly so if you know anyone who needs a military homecoming photographer I'd love the opportunity to be there for you on such a momentous occasion. Contact me today to see my availability. 

Enjoy these pictures and Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to those who have served, those who are serving, and families whose loved ones have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. God bless.

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military homecoming
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