Okinawa Family Session

Alison’s family session with me is one of my favorite family sessions to date by far! It’s always an honor to work with another photographer for her own sessions and it honestly makes it easy to do because as photographers we know what we want! Over the past few months I’ve gotten to know her so well and it has been a joy working with her! From her headshots session to boudoir and now to her family session all of them have been a joy to do! Alison is one of the best family photographers I know so it was so much fun learning from her and she is a super mom to her four boys, five if you include her hubby! Haha, joking!

We scheduled her session right before the rainy season hit and the day of her season was looming with clouds. But when we arrived by that time the clouds cleared and she had one of the best sunsets we’ve had so far this year! Beautiful golden light and cotton candy sunsets and sailboats in the distance! The boys were all full of smiles and Alison and Colin had a blast running along the beach with the kids!

Alison and her family are PCSing this week and I’m so sad to see her go but I know she is going to do amazing things in Virginia! I can’t wait to see where her journey takes her next! She has been a great friend for the time I’ve known her and one of my best clients!

Make sure you scroll down to the very end to one of my favorite shots! Alison’s face is everything and had me laughing out loud while I was editing!

Now we are in the midst of rainy season and we are dodging the rain to make sessions happen. So if you are wanting a family session done reach out today. Please don’t wait until the last minute to book your session. I tell all of my clients to have a backup date prepared in the event of rain and I personally book only a limited amount of session so that I have the availability for reschedules during the rainy season.