Headshots and Branding Session for Photographers

 There are many reasons to have professional headshots taken for your small business, especially if you are a photographer. Being able to present yourself on your website or social media with professional pictures helps you stand out from other photographers in your area. In the creative industry it is almost like our professional profile picture and it helps establish credibility for your brand. 

okinawa branding photographer2.jpg

When Alison booked her session with me she knew she would be PCSing soon to Virginia. And so she wanted new professional pictures to take with her to the States. She also wanted to include many things Okinawa is known for, great cafes and bold colors. So we chose Hapi Tapi for her location and I was so excited when she wanted her pictures in front of their bold hot pink sofa. If you know Alison Bell, you know her work is also bright and vibrant so we knew it would match her brand perfectly.

 As fate would have it, Alison’s website hosting company became outdated the week her headshots were taking place. Which meant that along with updating her headshots she would have to build a brand new website on short notice! She could not have done a better job on it and having these new portraits for herself and her business was perfect timing! Go check out her new website here: http://www.alisonbellphotographer.com/

Alison’s headshots and branding session was so much fun to do! They are so reflective of her personality and branding which is the most important thing to capture when doing these sessions! My favorite part is when she told me about her fanny pack she takes to every session. You guys, I was thinking like a normal size fanny pack. Haha, I couldn’t have been more wrong! This thing was like a lunch box around her waist and the best thing I’ve seen all day! Haha!

For headshots and branding sessions I get to know my clients very well. Are they outgoing or more reserved? Would they like more traditional posing or have fun with it? Would behind the scenes shots benefit their business at all? We brainstorm together to create the perfect session for your brand or small business! This way I know you’ll love the finished product!

 If you’re a small business owner in Okinawa, Japan, let’s brainstorm your branding session today! Find out more HERE! And take a look below at pictures from Alison’s branding session!