Okinawa Iris Field Mommy and Me Session

It’s Mother’s Day already here in Okinawa, Japan, and I had to share a special Mommy and Me session that is one of my favorites here on island! Springtime is the best time for photography sessions here because all of the flowers are blooming around the island! And one of my favorites is definitely the Iris fields up in Ogimi!

Okinawa iris field mommy and me6.jpg


Maggie and her two girls make the most adorable subjects! This little family is one of my favorites here on the island and her two girls were the cutest posing for the camera that day! We made sure to get a few pictures of just the girls and then the rest with Maggie rocking the cutest jean jumpsuit and white high heels! Which can be tricky when walking through the fields!


And with small children you also have to watch out for the mud pits! Last year Maggie’s friend’s little boy wound up falling in one over waist deep! And I have another friend whose daughter also fell in this year! They don’t look deep but they totally can be! It will make for a great story in time but if you’re making the trip just for pictures they can leave you all muddy!


This little field is surround by mountains in the background and when you arrive you can instantly smell the iris flowers! You are even able to buy iris stalks to take home! Which I totally took advantage of and I was able to enjoy them for the next week!


Here on the island, the iris fields only bloom for about two weeks so whenever they start to bloom there is a rush to go see them. But we made sure to arrive early in the morning and we had a little area to ourselves for quite awhile before more people started to show up to enjoy the fields as well.


Enjoy these beautiful Iris field pictures! And happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there!


Had to jump in with Maggie for one last picture before we left!