Okinawa Engagement Session

As a wedding photographer, I have photographed many engagement sessions for my brides. But this time was extra special, because this was my first engagement session here in Okinawa, Japan! Couples sessions here hold a special place in my heart! And being newly engaged is extra special! Especially if you are visiting your now fiancé from halfway around the world!

 I’ve had a few sessions now from families and couples visiting the island and I always make sure to do these sessions towards the beginning of their trip. I have two reasons for this. The first being that weather in Okinawa can be super unpredictable. I want to make sure you have the best chance at having a great session and if we need to reschedule then it gives us the time to do so if your original session is towards the beginning of your trip. 

The second reason is because I try my hardest to deliver your proofing gallery to you before you leave the island! Especially, if you are visiting for at least a week. And I was so happy to be able to deliver this session to these two before Caitlin had to fly back home! To be able to look over their pictures together is a gift since for now, they have to live apart from one another. 

Cailtin visited all the way from Conneticut. Being from the East Coast myself, I know how exhausting the flights are to get here. I’m sure she was struggling with jet lag during her session but you would never have known it. Her hair and makeup was flawless as was the perfect blue dress she wore that was the best pop of color in her images. At the last minute there was a quick shower before their session but while we were there the weather was perfect and it cooled down to be a very enjoyable evening. Afterwards they would be spending time in Onna and checking out one of the amazing restaurants around for dinner.

I’m so excited for these two and their upcoming wedding! And I’m so happy she chose Okinawa as the backdrop for her engagement pictures! Here’s some of my favorites from their engagement session here in Okinawa, Japan!