Okinawa Couples Session

Yesterday I had the most wonderful opportunity to photograph a gorgeous couple here in Okinawa, Japan and to say it was a steamy couples session was an understatement! Kelley is absolutely gorgeous with her platinum blonde hair and Zach was the best husband in the world putting up with an hour plus long session and getting into the water towards the end for the best images I’ve ever photographed!! Seriously! Every couples session I do now I will be making you get in the water so get ready! It even gave me ideas for my own couples session I’ll be booking for my anniversary in April!

After a week of cloudy weather we were blessed with two beautiful and might I say, hot, days this weekend! So I knew this session would be perfect and it did not disappoint! We explored all over this tiny beach and made the most out of all we had. I can’t wait until the low tide coincides with sunset sessions because then that will mean that my couples and I can explore the grotto you see in the distance!

I loved Kelley’s hair and makeup and you can thank Jessica with Jessi’s Dolls for Kelley’s makeup which definitely proved itself by withstanding the heat and the water! Seriously ladies, having professional makeup done is a must on this island with how hot and humid it gets here! Jessica will definitely have your back on that one and making sure your hair and makeup is flawless!

Kelley and Zach are a Navy couple and I was so excited to learn that Kelley and I are both from Florida! Her family is near Orlando, Florida, and that’s where I went to school at the University of Central Florida! And where most of my girlfriends still live! It was fun reminiscing about how similar Florida and Okinawa are!

Another special thing about this shoot is the opportunity for me to meet a few local photographers here on the island and collaborate together for this couples styled shoot. It was so great to meet other creatives and have such a fun time together and talking about our craft! As a creative entrepreneur life can get a little lonely sometimes so being able to come together to a beautiful location and have fun chatting and photographing a beautiful real life couple is always a good time for me. A special thanks to Hannah of Hannah Monroe Photography for putting this shoot together and inviting us to tag along!

But seriously you guys! If you’re on the fence about booking a session right now don’t be!! You don’t have to wait until summer comes to book a session! The weather is perfect now and even though the water might be a touch (haha maybe a little bit more than a touch) chilly I promise you we will make some serious magic happen and the benefit will be that you or your husband won’t be sweating profusely like you would during the summer months here on the island! Click here to book your session today! Enjoy the photographs now! I think this is the most I’ve ever posted to one of my blogs because I am so obsessed!

So I’ve had several people ask about this dress and I was also curious where to find one. They are perfect for your own couples session and you can find several on Amazon in many colors! If you live in Okinawa I’d highly recommend signing up for Amazon Prime so you avoid shipping fees. I’d also recommend purchasing fashion tape since the dresses can be a little loose so that it flows well. That way you can be sure that you are covered in the chest area.

Split Maxi Dress

Fashion Tape


Are You Ready for Your Own Couples Sessions?

Click below to learn more about booking your own adventurous and romantic couples session here in Okinawa! Don’t leave this gorgeous island without freezing its beauty in time through photographs! I can’t wait to hear about your love story and celebrate it through photography in Okinawa!