Okinawa Lifestyle Couples Session

During this slow season I’ve made it a goal of mine to try new ideas and one of those is photographing a lifestyle couples session here in Okinawa! I love how different each lifestyle session is and how my couples interact with one another. And the best thing about lifestyle sessions is that they are great at capturing the in between moments like when you’re having coffee in the morning, snuggling on the couch, or in bed. You don’t have to be dolled and dressed up for your photography sessions every time.

          It has been raining every day in Okinawa for what feels like forever. In reality it’s only been two weeks, maybe, but I am definitely feeling the effects of all the gloomy weather. We will have sunshine for all of an hour or two before the clouds drop all the moisture they’ve been holding on unsuspecting people as they go about their daily lives. With this kind of weather I am glad I haven’t had to reschedule any sessions and was able to do these lifestyle sessions indoors instead!

         I was also curious how on base housing does in terms of challenging lighting situations. And they did not disappoint. The way most of the on base housing is set up is not ideal for utilizing natural light. I knew going in I would be using a flash and using it on the lowest setting was just the right amount of added light to get bright and sharp images without losing image quality. And with the dark clouds rolling in the little added light was very much needed.

         I absolutely loved Kayli’s living room and bedroom spaces! She is such a great interior designer! And she told me that all of her furniture on Foster and the rug, which I absolutely love, she bought for around $60 on Wayfair! Why can’t I ever find those types of deals! Haha! But seriously, the light color palette with the accent of her blue rug and curtains was perfect! As was her master bedroom setup with that gorgeous headboard!

         At the end of the session I let Tyler channel his inner WWE wrestling moves by throwing Kayli (gently!) on to the bed. And of course he had to do it several times to make sure that we caught every moment in action! It was the best way to end a couples session and I’m glad I was able to let Tyler have a little fun! Scroll down to the bottom to see those action shots!

         So if you’re an adventurous couple and have any out of the box idea for your couples session I want to hear about it! If you’re into hiking and want pictures of you two hiking trails and swimming near waterfalls reach out! Or if you want a summer swimsuit session out in the East China Sea CONTACT me today! My summer is already filling up with work and travel trips so the sooner you book the better!