Okinawa Branding Session with Laura of In the Pines Jewelry

I’ve been busy lately doing some branding sessions in Okinawa and meeting some awesome creative entrepreneurs along the way! Meet Laura Davis, owner of In the Pines Jewelry! She is a very talented silversmith and jewelry designer who designs custom jewelry inspired by nature! It was so cool watching her handcraft some silver stud earrings and cut out designs by hand!

Her little studio is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and she gets the best afternoon light filtering through the window in the afternoon! It was so neat photographing her while she drew up design inspirations, hand cut a design out, file the design so there’s no sharp edges, and insert stones into a leather band.

She also made these cute stud earrings for me! She started by hand stamping a design onto the silver. Then she cut the circular stud earring part out and finished it by soldering the back of the earring to the post! Of course when flames are involved it’s always exciting! And so was when she moved the stud earring over to the water to cool down and you could see the steam rise and hear the hiss of the water when it hit.

As she worked on some of her designs I went and photographed detail shots of some of her finished work and details around her work space. But my favorite was her collection of stones on her desk! I’m such a sucker for gemstones and the array of colors she had was so beautiful! There were a lot of turquoise and blue stones along with some light and dark purple stones with pops of amber colored stones in between! All naturally occurring colors in nature and so pretty to see!

Towards the end of her session her two adorable labs, who are actually siblings, made their way into the room and proceeded to lay down right at her feet and beg so cutely for attention! I knew that this was where you could find all three of them during the day so I took a few more pictures. A typical day in the life of Laura Davis, surrounded by her pups while she worked with natural stones and silver creating stunning custom jewelry pieces for her clients!

It was so fun learning about her craft and photographing her in her work space! I can’t wait to continue to meet so many creative on this island! And if you need updated head shots or photographs of you in your element working please reach out today!! We’ll create something fun and beautiful for your small business!