Okinawa Cosmo Fields

Springtime Sessions in Okinawa, Japan

okinawa cosmo fields

After coming back from the mainland with a slight head cold and still coughing intermittently I honestly have been looking forward to the slow season. But after a week of being indoors for the most part and starting to hear about all the flower fields about to bloom in Okinawa I couldn’t wait to explore more of this beautiful island with my camera in hand!

So I talked my friend and her two adorable little girls into a flower session at the nearby Cosmo Flower Fields! Emi, the oldest, has been feeling sick too, so the fresh air and sunshine was just what she needed after being indoors for many days. The morning started off chilly but by noon time it was definitely hot here on the island. As we drove to the flower fields, we crested a hill and saw so many beautiful pink and white pops of color! The girls were so excited as they held our hands while walking towards the fields. There was a group of Japanese school children just leaving and we had the flower fields all to ourselves. There were so many butterflies and honey bees pollinating the flowers that it was absolutely magical to just stand there and watch it all happen.

As the girls walked through the fields, with the flower stalks as tall, if not taller than they were, their mom was teaching them to not step on the flowers and to only keep the flowers that had already fallen so that everyone can continue to appreciate them. She is such a great mom and I honestly enjoy learning from her and watching her parent her children.

Maggie makes everything look gorgeous from her dry shampoo hair, bright bold lipstick, and cute sunglasses, and it worked perfectly for the flower fields! She’s even made me start wearing pops of matte lip color I picked up on sale from Victoria Secret! ;) I normally don’t shoot towards the noon time hours since the sun can make the shadows so harsh but this session and her girls and too adorable by far! The girls make anything look so pretty!

And it’s like Maggie said, it’s so beautiful how much the Japanese people love beauty and nature. We are continually surrounded by it on this island and every time we visit the mainland we see it in their cities and villages. It makes you slow down and appreciate the beauty. And for me I know I will be capturing every flowering season here on Okinawa! Cherry blossom season is towards the end of this month! Then we will have the iris fields and hydrangea fields blooming later! I’m so excited to photograph all of it! And these make the best family or mommy and me sessions! Reach out today to put your name on the wait list and I’ll contact you with dates as soon as we know more details of when the flowers will be in bloom!

Here Maggie and her girls adoring the cosmo fields!