Branding & Headshots for Photographers

Taylor Long of TL Photography


 As a small business owner, we are expected to do so much! Accounting, social media, client communication, updating your website; all this on top of doing your actual job. You’re also expected to show your personality and behind the scene shots in order to connect with prospective clients. It’s a big part of your brand and having professional images is a great way to achieve this!


Meet Taylor! My best friend and a great wedding photographer in Jacksonville, Florida! One thing you might not know about me is that I previously worked in the medical field as an x-ray technologist. That’s how Taylor and I met! I was working as a technologist at the hospital and she was a student in the x-ray program learning. As we both continued to work in x-ray and as wedding photographers, I can truthfully say we both wouldn’t be where we are today without the other! We have each assisted at the others weddings and shared many laughs along the way.


One of the best things about having a close friend in the creative industry is being able to create and inspire each other in your work. While I was back in Florida for another friend’s wedding we were able to update some headshots for Taylor and I am so happy with the results! We found the cutest café in St. Augustine, Florida, that provided the perfect backdrop for her casual headshots. The café was so bright and cheerful even though outside it pouring down! She did her own hair and makeup for her session and even made sure her nail color matched her purple top with a gold necklace as her accent piece.


Everyone needs to update their headshots or have their own branding session! It’s the ideal time to get behind-the-scenes shots and close ups of their work while they’re doing it. So if you’re in need of updated headshots or branding pictures reach out to me today! There are so many cute cafes in Okinawa that make the best location for these sessions and I’ll tell you exactly how to pose so you won’t feel awkward or uncomfortable.