3 Ways to Know If it’s Time to Outsource Your Photo Editing


Between the client meetings, tax filings, website maintenance and late-night editing sessions, photographers can all too easily forget the rush of making art inside a camera lens. Exhaustion overwhelms. Burnout creeps in. But all it takes is one perfect session, one windswept wedding gown silhouetted against a cotton candy sunset, to bring it all rushing back.

As photographers, we do this because we love the art to pieces, even when the behind-the-scenes grind starts to drown us. But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way? What if I told you the hours spent culling and editing could be someone else’s job? What if you could spend more of your time as a photographer, you know, actually photographing, and less of it behind a computer screen?

If you feel overwhelmed and find yourself saying, “Yes! This is me!” to the following three questions, outsourcing your editing might be just the thing you need.

3 ways to know if it's time to outsource your photo editing.png


1. Have you nailed down your signature style?

To successfully outsource your editing, you have to know what it is precisely that you want. Is your style light and airy or dark and moody? Do you heavily edit colors or prefer a more natural tone? Nailing this down, and settling on your preferred presets, is a must to ensuring that you’ll be happy with the returns on outsourced editing.


2. Is your business booming?

If next year’s calendar is filling up faster than the last and your inbox is flooded with prospective new clients referred by previous ones, you are certainly a photographer on the rise! To keep up with the new requests, and make time for their sessions, something is going to have to be taken off your plate. As your skill level grows and demand for your work increases, this is also a perfect time to increase your rates, which can, in turn, help you to pay an editor.


3. Are you looking to try new things and grow as a photographer?

If you’ve been hoping to attend a workshop, plan more collaborative styled shoots or try your hand at travel photography, outsourcing editing is a great way to free up more time and devote it to fine-tuning your art.


Outsourcing your editing can improve your gallery turnaround time, allow you to book a few extra weddings a bit closer together than you ordinarily would and free you up for a little more guilt-free relaxation, even in the height of wedding season!

If you feel drawn to the idea of outsourcing your editing but are unsure where to begin, shoot me an email and we can chat about whether or not outsourcing is right for you. I look forward to knowing you, and seeing your beautiful work!

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