4 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Photo Editing


At first blush, a career as a photographer sounds like a one way ticket to a future spent flying through life pulled by your camera strap. But a photographer’s life isn’t all immortalizing first kisses and running through the surf with a future Mr. and Mrs. It also means hours upon hours of web maintenance, marketing, combing through pictures and editing. Lots and lots of editing.

As your business grows and referral emails start to roll in faster than you can reply to them, it can become next to impossible to juggle all of your responsibilities as a solopreneur without a little help. Rather than turning away a new client, consider the benefits of outsourcing your photo editing!

4 benefits of outsourcing your photo editing.png


1.     Reduced workload

Despite being drawn to photography by the promise of days spent behind a camera, the reality is that far more of the average photographer’s time is actually spent in front of a computer screen. In fact, only 10% of photography is spent taking pictures; 90% is everything else. Once you’ve done the legwork of settling on a signature editing style, outsourcing the actual editing process to someone else takes a massive load off your plate.


2.     Decreased stress

Handing the editing reigns over to someone else might sound like a cause for increased stress rather than a recipe for less, but if you pair with an editor who understands the value of open, clear communication, you can sit back and relax. While it takes time to get in sync, you can work with your editor in such a way that soothes any nerves up front as you build trust. As the photographer the best way you can be sure that your style is matched is by providing plenty of anchor images that show your editing style throughout each wedding. 


3.     Increased time for what you love

If you don’t enjoy the process of culling thousands of images and editing away all the stray hairs, outsourcing to an editor who does enjoy the work frees you up to do more of what you love. Whether that be photographing more clients, spending time with family or booking that long hoped-for trip to Bali, removing the responsibility of editing from your schedule allows you to replace it with something you find more fulfilling.


4.     Quicker gallery turnaround

We love our clients to pieces, but we’ve all gotten those inquiring text messages that are, “you know, just checking in to see if you might just maybe have the wedding gallery finished earlier than your 4-6 week window.” And you can’t really blame them! They just experienced the best day of their entire lives, and they are itching to see your beautiful work. By recruiting the help of an editor, you can respond to more of those texts with a resounding, “Yes!” Shortening your turn around time can even pave the way for the added benefit of an increase in your rates.

By outsourcing your editing process, you can invest more time in doing what you love and improve your client experience, while your stress levels and workload plummet. Intrigued by the idea of outsourcing, but unsure whether or not you’re ready to take the leap? Stay tuned for a post on 3 ways to know when you’re ready to outsource your editing!

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