NAS Jax Military Homecoming | Shockley Family

So, I'm not going to lie, photographing this sweet military homecoming was a little difficult. A little over a week prior, I had just said goodbye to my husband who was leaving for his own deployment in the same hanger where this was shot. I have done pictures previously for this family and so it was extra special seeing them back together after their deployment. We were surrounded by other Navy families waiting for their loved ones, and we even got to see their plane land.

The kids were anxiously waiting for their dad and it was the longest wait for everyone else as well. But when Coleson finally saw his father he started running for him. And when he reached him he turned around with a red rose in his hand and ran back to his mom offering it to her. I'm so glad to have captured such sweet memories. Because in the moment it can be so hard to catch such quick actions. I'm always so happy to be a part of a military homecoming. It holds a special place in my heart being a part of the military community. Enjoy these pictures!