A Few Tips for your Engagement Session

My brides always have questions for me for their engagement session, and hopefully this will help everyone out there who has an upcoming engagement session. My engagement sessions typically run an hour and a half long, and I usually schedule them right before sunset or right after sunrise. And I'm always here for location recommendations. So here are the most common questions I receive about engagement sessions. And also some tips for you, as well.

1. What do I wear?

You get to choose two outfits for you and your fiancé. I suggest wearing a casual outfit then a more classy/glamorous outfit (think long dresses ladies). Have fun with it and get dressed up! There aren't many things in today's world that you can dress up for, but this is one of those occasions.

2. Get dolled up!

We girls don't need a reason to get all dolled up, but if you're not planning to get your nails done and maybe get your highlights redone, this is the perfect opportunity! It's also a great time to do a trial run with your hair and makeup artist. 

3. Don't forget to clean your ring!

Most brides don't think of this, but I'll be taking separate pictures of your gorgeous bling! And rightly so, your man picked it out for you and it needs to be shown off! If you don't go by a jewelry store to get it cleaned, I have a tip for you. You can clean your ring at home with a toothbrush and a little toothpaste! Please make sure you stop your sink up, and don't brush too hard. But other than that, it will be so sparkly that you will catch yourself staring at it soon after you clean it!

Now, cue those engagement ring shots!



And don't forget to check out my engagement and couples portfolio here for outfit ideas: