Annual Orlando Girl's Christmas Party

Elegant Christmas Party in Orlando

I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2011. In college you make some amazing friendships and I am thankful that even with the moves that the Navy has made us make I have kept in touch with some of those amazing friends. The holidays and weddings always bring us back together. And every year my friend, Kailyn, hosts her annual Girl's Christmas party. 

This year is different though because she and her husband have moved into a beautiful new home. And Kailyn has her mother's gift of interior decorating. She also happens to be one of the best event planners I've ever met. She was always planning birthday parties during college and after that she continues planning the best bachelorette parties for all the girls we know tying the knot. ;)

That weekend was a busy one with Christmas minis but I knew that Kailyn's house would be decked out in all its glory and perfect for a closeup. So I took my camera this year. And as you can tell from the pictures Kailyn's house and decor is beautiful! The food and drinks were so filling and also displayed in a mouth watering fashion. All the while, we were watching UCF play against the Memphis Tigers and if the boys had been there they would have been proud of the way we were yelling at the big screen tv in her living room!

Every year we play Dirty Santa and I feel like the gifts keep getting better since now we all have real jobs and money to buy things haha! It's always a great time. Yours truly received an automatic wine opener (definitely something I need), a wine glass with Florida in gold and a matching wine stopper. Perfect gifts in my opinion.

And at the end of the day UCF won in the second overtime and have advanced to the cup finals. They are undefeated! A great end to our Christmas party! Enjoy the pictures below! I know they inspire me to redecorate my house. Or just claim Kailyn's house as my own. ;)