Sunrise & Sunset Sessions

Why I love Sunrise and Sunset Photo Shoots

Ever wonder why I recommend doing your photography session super early in the morning or later in the evening? Other than the obvious fact that Florida is way too hot during the daytime hours except for mid-winter? The light! It’s all about the light when it comes to photography. We crave even lighting as opposed to harsh, in your face, have to squint light. An hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset the sun is so low in the horizon and giving such a directional light that it is more flattering to you as well. Not to mention that I love the cotton candy colored skies during that time.

Let’s show you some examples of my favorite sunrise/sunset shoots. First, I’ll show you some of those gorgeous cotton candy skies. Absolutely stunning! And are my clients squinting? Nope. It’s because they are in almost complete shade. I recently had LASIK done and since that has been done my eyes are more sensitive to light. So you know I will be looking for that open shade for myself and for your sake as well! :) Beaches can be very tricky since the best pictures are taken right before the sunset dips below the horizon. I recommend doing portrait sessions at either Jacksonville Beach or the beach right by the Washington Oaks State Park (travel fee for this location).

Another perk to having a sunrise or sunset photography session is you can create two different types of mood to your session. You can go for the pastel colors like the pictures above or you can create the golden light sessions or even more dramatic sessions as well with the great back light provided by the sun. These sessions are perfect for your fall photography sessions because they add more warm overtones to your pictures. And it’s as close as we can get to “fall-like” pictures here in Florida.

I know when you have a family with smaller children these can be trickier times to get your children ready for a photography session. But the end results with be worth the struggle with your kids; I promise. It is my job to make sure that you love your session and your photographs. This is my way of making sure that the final product you get from your session is the best it can be. If you are wanting a more natural look with lots of greenery other times will work, as long as it’s not eleven to two o’clock when the light is the harshest. So, if you are looking for a photographer for your next photography session please reach out to me here. I look forward to working with you!