Photo by:  TL Photography

Photo by: TL Photography

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In 2011, I graduated college and began work as a radiologic technologist in my home state of Florida. But an adventure I never could have imagined began when I met the love of my life. At the top of a lighthouse, Ryan asked me to marry him, and I dove off the high dive into the wild world of wedding planning. I quickly realized that, of all the vendor choices ahead of me, I was most excited about choosing my wedding photographer. As I compared my options, I noticed the little qualities that made the difference between average photographers and truly great ones. The way they played with light. The way their posing felt so natural. The way each and every detail was considered and just right. The way they were warm, fun and professional all at once.

So, when I became Mrs. Navy Wife (aka Mrs. Move Wherever The Navy Might Send Us), I decided to apply some of the techniques, like posing (believe it or not), that I’d learned using an x-ray machine to a camera. In 2013, I officially launched Heather Johnson Photography, and in the six years since, I’ve fallen in love with capturing authentic, timeless love on camera.

Since Ryan and I said, “I do,” we have called Pensacola, Corpus Christi, Jacksonville and now Okinawa, Japan home, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. So, inspired by the ocean that has always been my home, I love to play with blues, greens and whites in my work. I have also found a heart for how overwhelming this business can be for my fellow photographers, moving me to become an associate editor for Janelle Joy, adding photo editing to the list of services I offer!

When I’m not meeting with new clients, capturing love stories on camera or editing away on my latest gallery, you can find me snacking on Oreos (YUM!) or curling up with my dog Jackson, Kiwi the kitten and a good book. Or if my husband and I are feeling adventurous (and we usually are) you can catch us packing our bags to head off on our latest adventure. We’ve recently gone surfing in Hawaii and climbed Mt. Fuji! I can’t wait to tell you all about it and learn your story, so don’t be shy! Say HELLO, and let’s grab a coffee so we can tell your story!

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